Have you just landed your first job working from home? Whether your company has transitioned your job into a work from home position or you’ve begun work as a remote employee or contractor for a new firm, this can be an exciting time also filled with lots of change.

No doubt you’re excited about the prospect of ditching the morning commute and remaining in your slippers as you commute from the kitchen to your home office with your coffee mug. There’s a lot more to working successfully from home than just ditching the morning commute. It demands much more self-discipline and self-motivation than working in an office with multiple coworkers, meetings and direct interaction with your manager.

Follow these recommendations from the human resource professionals and work from home gurus to make sure you get started on the right path towards a successful work from home career.+

The first step is to designate an area for your home office. A laptop on the couch is not a home office and does not lend itself to a productive workday. The same goes for the kitchen table. Identify an area that is removed from the main traffic flow of activity in your home. Ideally, a spare or guest bedroom can double as a home office.

The two most pieces of furniture to secure are a desk large enough to accommodate a laptop or desktop, peripherals and any documents needed for working as well as office supplies. A quality desk chair is the second piece; you’ll no doubt be spending a great deal of time sitting, and proper support is critical for the health and comfort of your back. If the layout of the room allows, place to the desk under a window to enjoy as much natural light as possible.

Finally, commit to fixed working hours. Plan to begin work at the same time each day and finish up in the evening at a regular time. Resist the temptation to return to your work space on the evenings and weekends. Developing a work life balance at the start of your work from home career is critical for success. Best of luck to you as you transition from your company’s office to your home office.

Best Tips for Working from Home
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