We see web pages with specifically chosen fonts, colors, and patterns. Did you ever think otherwise? Like creating a webpage with fonts and colors of your choice? Well, this is not just a fantasy as it can be attained with a feature called Inspect Element of the browser.

Isn’t it a dream come true for users who have had DIY as a full-time passion? In this write-up, we are going to talk about this interesting feature and its basics. Also, ways to merge it with your WordPress site.

Inspect Element Explained

This developer tool is much like embedded tools of browsers which offers the freedom to debug errors. Many modern-day browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have them. All these tools have HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on board.
With the help of Inspect Element tool, you can effectively edit CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for a range of web pages. For any website owner who is interested in DIY, this can be a great help in designing the site. No, any additional changes need to be made.
For writers, this can be a great addition as these tools provide the leeway to alter the personal identification information. Blurring out the items is not a necessity anymore.
Also, this works quite well for the support agents, as it helps in getting the mistakes identified. Inspect element has great power to provide the impactful changes.
Instead of just getting into the WordPress customizer for making any changes, you can simply hand over the task to inspect element. You can conveniently preview changes in real time. It takes just some seconds to change color, text, and images. It saves automatically and is quite time-saving.

How to Bring Inspect Element into Use?

We don’t ask you to jump to conclusions and just start using it. It will be really assisting if you choose separate elements to edit the site.
An “element” is anything which you can choose on the website to change. Anything changeable like text, the image is referred as an element.
When you choose to change a single element, you need hit “right click” on it. Then it gives “inspect” option to select. Likewise, to inspect an image, you need hit right click on the image as well.
After clicking on “inspect”, you get developer tools menu which will highlight the element you chose.

Usage of Inspect Element on the website:

Have you used Divi Builder while customizing a WordPress site? If you have, you will understand, how fascinating this is to run a tailor-made look. Inspect element provides the same amount of freedom and alteration to every small aspect of the website. Within no time, you can change images, fonts, and alignments.
Inspect element will be a savior when it comes to time commitments. Below are some of the tips to use this:

Make changes in any text:

Text with the right amount of length is commendable. We all can relate to writing quintessential words while wrapping them up within a certain line space. How about editing some previous text to get the gist of the page? No matter, what way we do it, it is a lot easier with the inspect element.
Highlighting the text, you wish to edit and choose “Inspect”, is all you need to do.

Color Changes

It is important to adorn the website with chosen color schemes. Here, you can choose a range of options. After confirming the option, simply verify them with the inspect element.

Image Size Alteration

Images should not be too huge or too tiny. To run this check, inspect element is the simplest tool. Bring this into use to see, how the potential images look. After conducting this, all you need to do is change the setting into WordPress.

Link Color Changes

Don’t you get amazed while seeing links changing colors? Officially, they are mentioned as “link states”. Generally, you get four different options:
• Link – An idol link which hasn’t experienced click yet.
• Active Link – How it appears when clicked?
• Visited Link – A clicked on the link.
• Hover Link – Appearance when the mouse just hovers over it.

After following the same right clicking process, you need to choose “Toggle Element State” button make the changes.
Just like any other changes you can also alter text alignment. Left, right or center, all choices are yours. You can also see how your text looks. After right clicking and choosing the “inspect”, scroll through to find “text-align” option.

Bottom Line

Inspect element is a great way to make and preview changes. While designing a WordPress website, you can use this to quickly test the ideas. These steps were for generally used Chrome browser. After getting a good hold of this, you can use it for making many other changes like in your friend’s Facebook page (if left open).

Use Inspect Elements While Designing the WordPress Site
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